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We are a brotherhood of like-minded men who follow St. Francis’ example as a discipline in service to God. We are an order that exists apostolically: our brothers are embedded in the world with normal lives, rather than enclosed in a monastery. We live in different parts of the world, each with our own individual ministry, based upon the needs of our respective local communities and parishes.

The Rt. Rev. Greg H. Rickel

Bishop Visitor

Bishop Greg Rickel is the 8th Bishop of Olympia. The Episcopal Diocese of Olympia is geographically made up of the western third of Washington state running from the peaks of the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean and from Canada to Oregon.

Br. Zane Young, OSF

Minister General

Brother Zane resides in the Pacific Northwest. He is employed as a Research Coordinator at Texas Tech University, working in air quality research, and he also teaches Geography online for Cameron University. Br Zane was made Minister General in 2009.

Life Professed

Br. Rich Atkinson, OSF

Brother Rich lives in San Rafael, California, which was founded by Franciscans in 1817. He is a member of the Redeemer Episcopal Church, where he is a Eucharistic Minister. His other ministries Include: working at a free dining hall, offering regular services to residents at a local nursing home, and street chaplaincy for the homeless.


Br. John Huebner, OSF
Director of Formation

Brother John resides in Western North Carolina.  He serves as a religious pastoral visitor at the Haywood Street Congregation and Respite and at St. Mary's Episcopal Church.  His ministry involves being a Franciscan presence to those living in a care facility, the homeless, and those recovering from an illness.


Br. Chuck Hannan, OSF

Brother Chuck lives in Madison, Wisconsin.  He serves others as a lay Assisting Minister, Communion Visitor, Lector, and Communion Assistant at Our Saviors Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Under the direction of the Chaplain's Office, Br. Chuck provides a Franciscan presence as a Pastoral Care Visitor to the sick and lonely at Oakwood Village-Prairie Ridge retirement community where he and his wife, Nancy, live.


Br. Les Roberts, OSF
Secretary General

Brother Les resides in Lutherville Timonium, MD and is a deacon in the Diocese of Maryland assigned to St. Mark's on the Hill, Pikesville, MD. Br. Les' ministry passion is working with those who are recently released from prison or jail transition back into society. He is the Executive Director of the Baltimore Area Aftercare Program (BAAP) a non-profit organization that assists returning citizens. 


Br. John Ryan, OSF
Director of Ministries

Brother John has spent the majority of his adult ilife in Religious Life.  He entered OFM in 1961 and lived that life until 1971.  Upon leaving Community he had several careers and moved to San Francisco. In December of 1976 at Grace Cathedral he was revived from the Roman tradition into the Episcopal/Anglican Tradition.  From 1979 to present he has lived in Seattle, WA.  In 2003 he reestablished the Paracletian Order in the Episcopal Church, under the name of the Order of the Community of the Paraclete.  In 2018 he returned to the life of a Franciscan Friar in OSF where he serves as Director of Ministry, on the Council lof the Order and Director of Formation of the Professed Brothers.  

John is Pastoral Associate Emeritus of St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Shoreline WA where he remains a member of the Congregation. He served the Diocese of Olympia for over 20 years as a hospital and hospice chaplain and continues to facilitate Bereavement Groups. 

Br SamHawk.jpg

Br. Sam Hawk, OSF

Br. Sam devotes his time to both the death ministry and healing ministry with focus on eastern medicine and nature based healing. Being a lover and companion with animals, his spiritual practices incorporate and interact extensively with animal spiritual medicine. He also spends his time working on off-grid homesteading, renewable energy technologies, and has a passion for quantum physics. Br. Sam lives in Italy with his spouse, Morgan. 

Br Paul 3 Front_edited.jpg

Br. Paul Dahlke, OSF

Brother Paul lives in downtown Seattle, WA with his wife Mary Mac.  He attends St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church and numerous other downtown parishes.  He is currently serving as an Usher, Crucifer, and visiting Eucharistic Minister in his parish. He is also a Software Tester, and has worked for numerous technology companies, both large and small, throughout the years. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Washington State University. Paul also keeps busy supporting his family members with their activities in education and the arts, and he often works with the elderly and companions with people on the streets outside his front door.


Br. Charles-Paul Sowinski, OSF

Brother Charles-Paul attends Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix Arizona, where he was ordained a deacon in 2014. His ministries include assisting people living in transitional housing to include veterans, native american connections,  seniors with disabilities, and those with mental issues.


Br. Bill Bales, OSF

Brother Bill resides in Southern Ohio with his wife Kathryn.  Since becoming home bound, Br. Bill lives out a ministry of intercessory prayer.  He is a retired deacon and currently strives to be an instrument of peace through his vocation as a Franciscan friar.


Br. Billy Isenor, OSF

Br. Billy resides in Edmonton, Alberta with his family.  He serves as chaplain at the Edmonton Institution (men's maximum security prison).  He is an ordained priest and a Métis citizen.  His passions include passing on indigenous teachings, the theology of St. Bonaventure and Duns Scotus, bead work, learning Michif and print making.  When not working hard, he takes time to cook traditional Métis foods.



Br. Scotland Gallo, OSF

Brother Scotland calls Charlotte, NC his home where he lives with his dearest friend Elizabeth and their frisky, formerly feral felines.  He attends The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter where he is a Eucharistic minister & visitor, lector and host.  He teaches elementary school full time, and assists with various homeless, cold-weather and feeding ministries. 


Br. Allen White, OSF
Historian & Archivist

A native Houstonian, Brother Allen strives to follow Jesus in the footsteps of Francis through the ministry of prayer, Franciscan research, and advocating for the homeless. He is the Founding Director of the Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library & Spirituality Center located in Houston, Texas, where he also teaches and facilitates Nexus Prayer, a contemplative prayer and meditation practice. In addition, Allen is the Executive Director of Hope Center Houston where he serves as the lead advocate for those experiencing homelessness. He and his wife, LeslieAnn, attend St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church where he also serves as a Stephen Minister and is on staff as the Lay Worship and Pastoral Care Assistant.


Br. Kristofer 
Lindh-Payne, OSF

Born and raised in Baltimore, Brother Kristofer serves the church in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland and is a co-rector at St. Francis Episcopal Parish & Community Center in Timonium, MD. While there is a wide range of vibrant ministry happening in this community, they have a special focus on work with families that are facing homelessness. He has long felt the pull to follow Jesus in this Franciscan way but (by his description) it has just taken him a while to figure what it means to be a friar, as well as a priest, husband, and father. He counts on his OSF brothers and God’s loving guidance to help him find the way forward, as he stumbles along it. 


Br. Michael Rudman, OSF

Brother Michael was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he has been a member of Saint Thomas's Anglican Church for over forty years. After a life as a composer, professional musician, and many years in the music ministry, he is now retired. He continues his Franciscan ministry with prayer, writing, and the ministry of presence to a number of individuals who feel isolated or abandoned due to old age or health issues.

Br Brian 3 Front_edited.jpg

Br. Brian Sadler, OSF
Director of Communications

Brother Brian Sadler lives in Broseley, MO.  He was raised in a christian household by his late mother Tina and his Dad Bill Sadler.  Tina was an award winning songwriter and singer within the southern gospel community.  His late uncle Alfred Sadler pastored Northend Holiness Pentecostal Church where Brian learned about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Brian attends Holy Cross Episcopal Church.  He works professionally in Criminal Justice Information Systems and has an active role in helping those that are struggling with technology.  He considers this to be part of his ministry as he finds Technology an easy subject his whole life and a way he can help others.  He makes himself available to pray with anyone that wants prayer or just someone to hear their story.  He has recently purchased a motorhome and plans to travel and serve wherever God takes him.


Br. Jay Boggs, OSF

Brother Jay was born and raised in Baltimore.  He and his wife Ruth recently relocated to the coastal town of Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Their two children and families live in Nashville and Boulder.  He serves at St Francis Episcopal Parish in Baltimore and St Martha’s Episcopal Church in Bethany Beach. He leads a group of consultants focused on facilitating the adoption of renewable energy in the US.  Brother Jay is also the Director of Cornerstone ministries, a collective of missioners committed to helping individuals, families and communities overcome poverty and homelessness through a series of financial literacy initiatives.

Br Sam K 3 Front_edited.jpg

Br. Sam Kincaide, OSF

Brother Sam attends Christ Church Cathedral in Downtown St Louis. He helps serve at Miss Carol's Breakfast on Saturday mornings and leads Saturday Morning Prayer. He serves as an Acolyte and a Eucharistic Minister. He serves on the Communications Committee and handles the Cathedral Facebook page.

Br Andrew 3 Front_edited.jpg

Br. Andrew Jones, OSF
Director of Vocations

Brother Andrew lives in New York city with his husband. He is a Deacon Postulant in the Diocese of New York and currently a hospital chaplain.  He currently serves in Church of the Good Shepherd and works with St. Ann's Church for the Deaf as liturgist, interpreting the scriptures, and leading classes on the various parts of the liturgy. St. Ann's Church for the Deaf is the oldest and first church for the Deaf in the United States, established to serve the Deaf in their own language - American Sign Language (ASL).  He serves in his parish as an acolyte, reader and Licensed Eucharistic Visitor.


Br David 2 front_edited.jpg

Br. David Wigger, OSF

Brother David is retired and lives in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he is a member of the parish at Christ Church Cathedral. He has served in various ecclesial ministries, including multiple positions in local churches, working with students in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, Davao City, Philippines, and Jakarta, Indonesia, and assisting in a national church development program. Through an extensive self-examination and deep discernment following retirement, Br. David entered the Order of Saint Francis and is engaged in a life of prayer and service, particularly among people experiencing unfortunate limitations. He spends much of his day walking the streets of the central core of Saint Louis, offering himself to serve whomever he meets.


Br. Ugo Barbiere, OSF

Following a long professional career in dance and theatre, Brother Ugo serves as a Health and Wellness Coach for seniors, delivering services both face-to-face and online. He embraces the model that wellbeing is a balance of body-mind-spirit, with a focus on helping each person understand the unique relationship with the body, a treasured gift from God. He encourages those he serves to stay fit through sound exercise, nutrition, and adequate rest, and encourages each to develop a contemplative practice to address the stress of contemporary life. Brother Ugo has lived in the United States and in Italy, and is fluent in both English and Italian. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is a member of St. James Anglican Church, an Anglo-Catholic parish that serves the diverse needs of Vancouver’s East Side.  Brother Ugo has a YouTube channel that you can view here.


Br. Armand Mercier

Armand Mercier is husband to Carol Anne, dad to Benoît, 13, and Étienne, 9, and lifelong (almost) resident of Alberta who is now answering the call to serve God and God’s Church as a member of the Order of St Francis!

After obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta, Br. Armand worked for a number of years in the automotive industry before beginning a discernment to ministry in the Franciscan Order (OFM) in the Roman Catholic Church. After ordination to the diaconate and obtaining M.Div. and M.Th. degrees, Br. Armand left the Franciscan Order to marry Carol Anne; some time later, Br. Armand and Carol Anne were called to the Anglican Church, where they participated as parishioners for several years in two different communities.

Br. Armand was subsequently called to serve as a deacon before receiving the call to the priesthood in 2016, after which he was an honourary assistant in the Diocese of Edmonton. In 2017, Br. Armand was inducted as Rector of St Stephen’s Parish, where he served until July 2021. Br. Armand also worked at Habitat for Humanity Edmonton from 2010-21 as Director of Family Services. He is currently serving a 3-point ministry in the Diocese of Edmonton.

Apart from enjoying the company of his family, Br. Armand enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and cycling, and he and his family look forward to many new adventures with the brotherhood of St Francis.



Dustin Odom

Originally from Ciguid, Romania, Br. Dustin serves in the tri-cities region of East Tennessee. As a member of St. John’s Episcipal of Johnson City, he serves in the parish choir, on the pastoral care team, and assists with the street side food pantry ministry. 


During the week days, he serves the community as a elementary school teacher, specializing in primary grades instruction. 


A classically trained countertenor and clarinetist, he shares the gospel of Christ through sacred concert series which he shares with parishes wherever asked.


Ross Jamison

Brother Ross was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and now resides in Houston, TX. He is a Licensed Eucharistic Minister and serves at St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church as a Sub-Deacon.  His ministry is to the addicted. 

Eternal Order

Br. Nicholas Kis


Brother Nicholas passed away on August 3rd, 2009. The Order of St. Francis was founded by Br. Nicholas and he served as Guardian until his death. Originally a Greek Orthodox monk, Br. Nicholas left that order, joined the Episcopal church and became a Franciscan. Through the Order of Saint Francis, he was devoted to ministering to the sick, caring for animals, and he was also active in liturgical roles within his home parish of Christ Church.

Br. Kris Hebble, OSF


Brother Kris passed away on March 29, 2018 surrounded by family. Kris attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Elyria, Ohio, where he was a Chorister and a member of the Vestry. He also headed St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee, worked in the parish food pantry, and the community meals program. He held an MA in history from Cleveland State University. Br Kris was made a postulant in 2013, took his professed vows in 2016 and became life professed in 2018.

"My calling is to serve God in any capacity that I am able, and to love all of those with whom I come in contact. In God's mercy, they have allowed me to be on this wonderful path of the OSF, which has helped me not only grow as a person and allowed me to be the true person I am, but also to magnify the love of God within me, so that I am overcome with desire to spread this love. Every interaction, every conversation , I am able to share this love with the world"


"My life is service, and my language is love. I will follow this path in what ever capacity you deem right, my Brothers, you are my guides and companions. God bless you all, and I send my love."


Fr Michael 2 Front_edited.jpg

The Rev. Michael Roeske

We are honored to have the Rev. Michael Roeske serving as our current chaplain. Father Michael is currently the rector of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Fort Wayne, IN in the Diocese of Northern Indiana.

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