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Br. Ugo Barbiere

Modelling the Gospel from the saddle in Downtown Vancouver
Caring for our beautiful world, for the welfare of the family of all living things, begins with caring for our physical bodies. I strive to model this principle as I criss-cross the downtown of my city. I encourage everyone I meet to take time to breathe deeply, to eat simply, to be physically active, and to listen to others, the same principles that I embrace when working with seniors as a Health and Wellness Coach.


Modelling the gospel in a physically active way often means cycling across town rather than using an automobile or public transportation. Indeed, without fail when I am in the saddle in habit people greet me with a smile and a supportive word. As I result, I have become a presence in the downtown as I shuttle from place to place. This has opened up many opportunities to converse with others, especially those who live in our neighbourhoods without adequate shelter. I feel that the most important thing I can do as a Health and Wellness Coach is to actively listen.

If you find yourself visiting downtown Vancouver and see me cycling by in my brown habit, please wave and say “Hello!” I always love to meet both residents and visitors in this beautiful city.

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